Visual Treatment for "Russian Doll" (Part 3)

Production design for original Netflix series "Russian Doll"

After developing the pitch treatment and character profiles for this new Netflix comedy starring Natasha Lyonne (produced by Amy Poehler and Leslye Headland), early in 2018, the Russian Doll team reached out to me again. Now that they were moving into production, they needed a visual book that would incorporate the original pitch concepts with those subsequent developed by the show's production designer, cinematographer, costume designer, etc.

This book needed to make choices. For example, should the show be neon noir, film noir, or neo-realism? Shooting primarily at night, should the show exploit neon signs or the more subtle and draining fluorescent? What best reflects the tone of the show? A show which is both funny and eerie? Distributed to all department heads, producers, visiting directors, etc., the document needed to be clear and consistent. Below is the end result.