"Russian Doll": Character Lookbook

Visual Consulting for Original Netflix Series "Russian Doll"

As a companion piece to the pitch treatment lookbook I developed for Russian Doll, I created a “Character lookbook.” Character lookbooks include tonal motifs depicting how a character will be portrayed visually as well as how they will function within a story. These documents also typically include casting suggestions.

While I am unable to show this book in its entirety, I can share a fun way I came up with introducing each character: because we knew one of the show’s themes would be fate, I create a personalized tarot card to represent each character. Moreover, because our characters would frequently experience sensations of nostalgia and disconcerting familiarity, I chose to create a “deck” inspired by a film almost every viewer was bound to have seen: the 1951 Disney classic, “Alice in Wonderland.

All designs were created by Inga Brege using found textures, paintings created by the artist, and stills from Alice in Wonderland (copyright 1951, Disney).

Character LOOKBOOK [excerpts]