Dramedy TV Series: Pitch Treatment Lookbook

Visual Consulting for a Dramedy Television Series
[Title Withheld]

This powerful, hilarious, and authentic project is currently in development. As such, I have withheld the title of the show and censored the details of the pitch treatment lookbook for the sake of the creators’ and studio’s privacy. As soon as more details are made available to the public, I will update this page and the document below accordingly.

In the meantime, I wanted to share some excerpts of the layout and image collection curated for this beautiful production. One of the show’s main themes focuses on the challenges one faces to create a unified identity when belonging to seemingly disparate communities and environments. To visually develop this powerful subject matter, I first reflected on my own contrasting experiences growing-up in Long Beach, CA, Prince George’s County, MD, and Westport, CT. I dug through old photographs and family albums, remembering the fluctuating—and sometimes simultaneous—feelings of belonging and alienation. In the final product below, you’ll see I drew great inspiration from the awe-inspiring aesthetic of Hannah Beachler and as well as the striking works of Tyler Mitchell.