"Heathers": Pre-Production Lookbook

Graphic Design for Paramount Network Television Series Heathers

A couple years ago, director Leslye Headland approached me with an intriguing challenge: design a 21st century universe for the iconic '80s film Heathers.

Jason A. Micallef had developed the concept of Heathers as a television show and written a script. Leslye was up for directing the pilot. She was excited by the larger-than-life script and wanted a visual world to match. The challenge was translating what made Heathers so visually impactful in the 1988 without seeming cheesy. The visuals needed to marry the cult world of the '80s with today's over-saturated chaos. 

Below is the end result: a meticulously curated collection of found images (sources available upon request), establishing the show's tone, color palette, world, cinematography and characters.

Pre-production lookbook