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Artist & Designer

Inga Brege is an artist & designer based in Denver, Colorado.


All About Inga

Everything you ever wanted to know

I was born in California and grew up along the east coast of the United States. Since graduating from The University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, I've lived and worked all over the country.

Here's a quick rundown:

  • I've been a receptionist at Miramax Films and a sports marketer for Rolex in New York City. 
  • I've been a substitute teacher and non-profit project manager in New Jersey.
  • I made a pitstop in Cambridge, Massachusetts to obtain a graduate degree from Harvard University.
  • I worked in hospitals and clinics with schizophrenic patients in Ann Arbor, Michigan and am a published researcher in the field of biological psychiatry.
  • I wrote and performed a one-woman show in Washington, DC.
  • I did stand-up in Denver. 
  • I studied crime analysis at the University of Colorado.
  • I know I'm forgetting something...  

About the Art

Inga Brege About the Art

Throughout my career I've always kept a hand in art and design, working as a freelancer since 2007 and continuing my artistic education at the School of Visual Arts and the Art Students League. My diverse background lends itself to a unique perspective I channel into my work. I continue to travel, learn, and experience as much as I can to enrich my perspective. 

My art is about being alive: the stories, the adventures, and the psychological states therein. I work primarily with paint and mixed media. 

Aside from attending upcoming shows, you can see my latest work, check out past artwork, or just follow me on Instagram.   


About the Design


What's Raging Bees, LLC?

Working over 10 years as a freelance designer, I have extensive experience in the field of graphic design. I specialize in brand development, logo design, as well as film and television treatments. In 2017, I founded Raging Bees: a comprehensive creative consultation studio. Why the name "Raging Bees"? It's an anagram of my name. And middle initial. You get it.


What's a pitch treatment?

As audience members, we get to enjoy films and shows as finished products. We see the story and it's world as one and the same. But really there are so many visual directions a script can adopt depending on a particular director's vision and the work of the production department. That's where "pitch treatments" come in.

See, directors and writers need to audition for jobs, just like actors. When they go before scowling, number-crunching studio heads, they need more than just flowery language. They have to provide powerful visual presentations to concretely establish how their prosaic descriptions will translate into cinematic dynamite.

A pitch treatment (also referred to as a "film treatment" or just "treatment") is a kind of selling document, which outlines the characters and story of a proposed script or project. It helps establish the tone, colors, themes, and world of a film or television show before production begins.



Harvard University, 2011

Cambridge, MA
Master of Liberal Arts

The University of Michigan, 2004

Ann Arbor, MI
Bachelor of Fine Arts

additional coursework

University of Colorado Denver, 2017

Denver, CO
Crime Analyst Graduate Courses

The Art League, 2015

Alexandria, VA
Torpedo Factory Art Center
Painting Courses

University of Southern California, 2011

Los Angeles, CA
Post-Baccalaureate Program Coursework

Eastern Michigan University, 2011

Ypsilanti, MI
Pre-med Courses

School of Visual Arts, 2007

New York City, NY
Graphic Design Courses

honors & accomplishments

One-Woman Show at Woolly Mammoth Theatre, 2014

  • One of two individuals selected by Story District (formerly Speakeasy DC) to write and perform an original solo show for the annual series.
  • A total of four performances were held at the premiere Woolly Mammoth Theatre in Washington, DC.
  • The show was produced and directed by Story District.

Harvard University, 2011

  • Graduate Thesis
    • Title: Effects of Racial Biases on Autonomic Arousal When Anticipating Pain in Others
    • Director: Dr. Mahzarin Banaji, PhD, Richard Clarke Cabot Professor of Social Ethics, Department of Psychology, Harvard University
  • University Honors
    • Thomas Small Prize, Second Place: Awarded annually on the basis of ‘academic achievement and character’ to outstanding Master of Liberal Arts degree recipients
    • Dean’s Prize for Outstanding Master of Liberal Arts Thesis in the Behavioral Sciences, Honorable Mention
    • Master of Liberal Arts Dean’s List, 2011


  • Stephan F. Taylor, Jian Kang, Inga S. Brege, Ivy F. Tso, Avinash Hosanagar & Timothy D. Johnson. 2012. "Meta-analysis of functional neuroimaging studies of emotion perception and experience in schizophrenia," Biological Psychiatry, 71(2), 136-145.
  • Stephan F. Taylor, Inga S. Brege, Avinash Hosanagar, Kihn L. Phan, Ivy F. Tso, & Robert C. Welsh. May 2011. “Probing GABAergic function during emotional appraisal in psychosis.” Presentation at the Society of Biological Psychiatry Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.