Pond5 Blog Article about Mood Boards & Me!

Check out the  Pond5 Blog  article  here .

Check out the Pond5 Blog article here.

A few weeks ago, the lovely Alexander Huls from Pond5 Blog reached out to me wondering if I’d share a bit about the process behind my developing lookbooks and mood boards for film and television. Focusing on my work for Russian Doll, I provided a look into how scribbled notes and brainstorming sessions with project creators can blossom into concrete and powerful visuals. You can read Hul’s article “Setting the Mood: How to Create Great Mood Boards for Your Project” for the whole story.

Also, check out Hul’s feature on one of my all-time favorite people, cinematographer Chris Teague: the brilliant artist who actually brought my two-dimensional designs to life for Russian Doll.